21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 16

PRAYER FOCUS 1: Revealing Giftings  (Personal and Spiritual) When you read Paul’s letters, you see that he kept around him people of different backgrounds and people with different gifts. In other words, he had some people who were gifted at hospitality.  He had some people whose main contribution was prayer. No matter what the gift Read more about 21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 16[…]

21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 15

Prayer Focus: Body of Christ. Christians all over the world need prayer. In China, believers meet in secret locations in the underground church. If they are discovered, they risk being beaten, tortured, imprisoned, and worse, for their faith. In Ethiopia, believers are brutally attacked and suffer greatly when they refuse to renounce Jesus. In other hostile and Read more about 21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 15[…]

21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 12

Prayer Focus: Pray that those dreams for your life and the things God has placed in your heart will be stirred up.   2 Timothy 1:6  “For this reason I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which is in you…” The Message:  “…the special gift of ministry you received…keep that ablaze!”                  Read more about 21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 12[…]