Verve ’19

Verve casts our life with a divine perspective, helping us to interpret our lives correctly. Verve is a conference about who we are and what we can do. It is a revelation of who we are in Christ, an unveiling of what He can do through us.

Verve ’19 is designed to speak beautifully and prophetically to us women, turning our eyes to what’s important; and that is the great invitation we have to sit at the table with the Living God Who has been for us from the beginning.

God is wise, deep and caring; real, transparent and honest. He gives us plenty of guts and grit to get through difficult times when it feels like we’ve lost our way… Jesus. What dazzles Him isn’t our successes, but our faith – a means to managing the fears, rejections, insecurities, and unsteadiness we all experience.

Our V ’19 guest speakers are gifted in sharing heart struggles in ways that strengthen and equip the lives of others with gold nuggets of biblical truth. I believe V ’19 will be the drink a thirsty soul needs.

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