The Over-and-Above Man

The Over-and-Above Man

Men, this is all about your being shaped for significance.

06 April 2019 | 08:15 | Venue: RLC

Guest speaker: Dr. Anthony van Tonder

Dr. Anthony has a PHD in People Development and is a Master Trainer. His approach of Shaping People for Significance’, focuses on helping people achieve their greatest potential.


Dr. Anthony van Tonder
Global Director of Communications

Lifestyle Galaxy SA


I live to ‘Shape Individuals for Significance’ whilst in any Organisation I would believe ‘Turn the Head, Turn the Company. My calling lies within Business in the marketplace. People skills, especially using the DISC approach, as well as Platinum and Executive Coaching, fills my bucket. Dr. Anthony van Tonder is also the author of the “Dad Degree.”


Continental breakfast on arrival

Registrations close: 02 April 2019

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