Jan 27, 2015


With the desire to lift up the Name of Jesus in our lives and in the world around us, we endeavor to see every person engage in a life of worship that is celebrated through our worshiping God together in Church, raising our voice with hearts filled with faith, filling the room with a sound that is a sound of love, profound awe, and reverence for our Father.

My desire is to see this authentic heartfelt worship touch heaven and change earth as those in our midst witness being in the presence of The Living God, where we are lifted out of our sorrow, pain, problems (a focus on ourselves), and cannot ignore that there is a God. Our heads and hearts are lifted and eyes are opened to the love, the grace and the mercy of a God like no other.

Ps. Andrew Labuschagne


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Notice the plastic chairs?

Posted on Jul 31st, 2015 by Johann van Aswegen

Notice the plastic chairs? The dirt floor? No special lighting or hazers, and also note the tattered condition of the boy’s bible… that book is BEING USED!!!! That’s probably why he has reached such passionate heights in worship and touching God’s Holiness. Worship is not entertainment, it is not enhanced by props or how talented Read more

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