Jan 27, 2015

Wildlife Youth

Our Mission Statement.

“Fearless, relentless, generation, destined to change the world.”



Why we do what we do

  • To see young people find hope, purpose and forgiveness through Jesus.
  • To change the culture of schools to creating our own culture, shining the light of Christ in our world.
  • To give honor and praise to our awesome God.
  • To raise up an army of young people who carry the presence of God and believe all things are possible.
  • To build the Church, bringing our best to God’s House.
  • To raise up leaders who will influence schools, universities and work places – applying due diligence to Godly strength of character, wisdom and comprehensive understanding.
  • To see the supernatural power of God invade our natural world.
  • So that young people can become intimate sons and daughters with their Heavenly Father God.

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