Are we going through the motions of Christianity with no passion and enthusiasm for God, His Word and His promises for us? Are you experiencing defeat, weariness and few breakthroughs?…

New Wineskins

Feb 9, 2020
Jesus said in Matthew 9:17 that new wine must be put into new wine skins. Are you a new wineskin?
A challenging message from Neville Fannin, director of Jackson’s Ridge ministries to all fathers and families. A MUST LISTEN.
What does hope mean to you? You’ve used this word a trillion times but do you really fully understand what it means Biblically? Let us journey together to discover the…
Don't be robbed of your joy. Listen closely and enjoy the company of God's Word, may its happy disposition bring you delight.
It is possible for us as Christians to walk and operate in love, joy and peace. So as you listen to the message activate these unbeatable forces in your life.

Enjoy Your Fasting

Jan 5, 2020
This message is about the power and joy of fasting. You can find the "21 Day Daniel Fast" Prayer plan and food guide here.

The Shepherd’s Heart

Dec 15, 2019
Why did the angel and the host of heaven appear to a group of shepherds watching over their sheep at night?
Christmas is a very special time which can be made even more special by building great family traditions. This message could inspire you to start creating your own unique, memorable…
Are you ready and prepared for the times we are moving into? Do you have fear or faith? This message, hopefully, will steer your faith that you will stand firm…
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