Feb 25, 2015



Our Vision

To create an environment in which children are excited to come and learn about God, a place that they can feel free to be the people they are meant to be, bringing about an atmosphere where Praise and Worship can be fully comprehended and the freedom to enter in and engage with our Father in that “most secret place,” a place where the wonderful stories in the Word of God are told in such a way or demonstrated to capture their attention, so that they become both relevant and useful for their daily living. Champions should be fun and exciting as well as disciplined and structured. Our prayer is to ultimately have every child come to know Jesus as real and alive.


To equip each child as the next generation of leaders with the fundamentals of God’s Kingdom. To supply the foundation for all age groups so that they will know how to apply the relevant principles upon which to build their lives. To identify leaders within the Children’s Ministry. To have accountable leaders serving the Children’s Ministry who are responsible for the call on their lives. To equip leaders with the necessary tools to rightly teach the students. To have every person within the Ministry identify their gifts and be trained and developed in them too. To avail the children with a biblical worldview in order to align their lives with the precepts and statutes of God’s Word so that true Godly Champions will emerge.