21 Day Daniel Fast – Day 9

Today we will declare and pray for healing!

Do this for yourself and all those you know who need God’s healing in their bodies.

We will especially lift up those in the church who need healing. 

I declare that Jesus Christ has redeemed me from the curse of the law! He has bound all sickness and diseases!

I speak healing and strength into my body. Through the stripes Jesus bore on His body the power of sickness has been broken in my body!

Therefore, I am not moved by what I feel or see! Jesus bore my sins, sickness and pain. Therefore, I command every symptom of disease and sickness to  die!

I command the cells of cancer to die! I receive my healing by faith, and pronounce my body totally whole! 

No person, no sickness, no disappointment, can stop God’s plan for my life!

I will not be moved by what I see, but by that which I know – I am more than a conqueror  through Christ Who loves me! 

NOW, take time to thank and praise God that He is your healer!

Give Him thanks for His Word: “By His stripes I am healed…with long life You will satisfy me and my family, and show me Your salvation.” [Isaiah 53: 5, Psalm 91:16].

God is JEHOVAH-RAPHA, the HEALING ONE! Declare this over your life.

Pastor Andre.